Bimini Top Frame
Bimini Top Frame
Bimini Top Frame
Bimini Top Frame
Bimini Top Frame
Bimini Top Frame
Bimini Top Frame

Bimini Top Frame

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Bimini Top Frame 3 Bow Replacement

Bimini Top frame for Boats. 3 Bow style Bimini Tops Blue Color. Please match correct size. This Item dose not include a canvas for Bimini top. If you looking for a Bimini top near me we offer local pick up for our surrounding areas. If your not sure what size is correct for your boat please contact us by posting your question at the bottom of this page.

Included With Your Bimini Frame Order

  • User Manual
  • Bimini top frame ( aluminum frame )
  • hardware kit
  • lock tight
  • Bimini straps for Bimini top

Bimini Frames Fittings

Same as the tubing it is important for you to know what material you fittings are produced from. There are many types of Bimini frame fittings on the market when you go to make your purchase have an idea of what you would prefer for your boat. Fittings are important because they hold the frame together Usually black or chrome fittings with the Bimini top frame. Our frames fittings are standard gloss black made from a durable PVC harden plastic but there are stainless steel fittings available on line however these have the ability to rust over time. Our frames include fittings have a slick look and work well with salt water boats or fresh water boats.

Bimini Frame Replacement Parts

We will be offering Bimini frame replacement parts soon so if you have a need to replace a damaged part or a rusted part we can help you in the near future with this request. Mostly this would Bimini frame eye end cap boat parts, Bimini Hinge parts marine hardware and Bimini deck hinge parts.

How To Measure For Your Bimini Frame

Now all you need to do is to measure for your heavy duty Bimini frame. The first thing you will need is the length of the top. For this you would have to first decide where you want the top to be. Try measuring from the place where you want the frames top to be fitted. This will be the center of your frames top. This ensures equal coverage from the front and the back. This point will also serve as the point of measuring the width and the height of the frames top.

Now to measure the width, just try measuring from across the boat which means from one port side to the starboard side. This too will be measured from the center of the mounting spot. Keep in mind the center mounting point of the Bimini top mounting points as it ensure equal coverage from all the sides.
Now to measure the height just try measuring from the floor of the boat to desired height you want. Keep in mind that the higher the Bimini frame is the more shade coverage it will provide.

Bimini Top Frame

Boat Bimini top frame comes frame only

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