Pontoon Boat Cover 150 D
Pontoon Boat Cover 150 D
Pontoon Boat Cover 150 D
Pontoon Boat Cover 150 D
Pontoon Boat Cover 150 D

Pontoon Boat Cover 150 D

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Cali Covers

Pontoon Boat Cover Weather Resistant Mooring Cover

Mooring cover for pontoon boats cover features

Pontoon Boating Covers are for protecting your pontoon boat when not in use from the weather and other elements. there is an elastic hem or elastic cord at the bottom of the cover helping to protect from all weather conditions. All of our covers come with a PU coating on the inside of the cover Investing into a pontoon boat cover will help keep your investment looking new for a longer period of time. We recommend using a pontoon cover when your boat is not in use.

Why should i try Cali Covers.com pontoon cover?

When you try Cali Boat Covers we feel they will be the best pontoon boat cover you have ever owned. We are a manufacture of many boating covers including this pontoon boat mooring cover. We are a participant in the amazon community. Our products have high rating on amazon although we stopped offering our products on amazon.

We have designed our boating covers to last for a long time. We have tested the durability and weather protection the offer to ensure you get the best cover possible. This cover comes with a free storage bag enabling you to keep the cover in the best shape to protect your boat. This cover is made for indoor and outdoor use. 

Whats you favorite part about owning a pontoon boat cover?

I defiantly would say the most eye opening moment when you realize how valuable your high quality boat cover is when you pull up to get your boat out of storage from a long winter. when the cover holds up great and your able to pull off the cover and see that no dust has made it onto the interior. after a light cleaning you will be ready to boat.

Pontoon Boat Outdoor Cover

Medium thickness material 150 D 

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  • What color is boat cover and how many tie down straps are on each cover?

    This Pontoon Boat Cover is navy blue and comes with 2 boat straps