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Covers for Outboard Motors Waterproof

Outboard Motor Covers are a great investment to keep your out board motor clean and protected form ware and tare from whether conditions. This cover comes in blue or gray. 

Boat motor covers for sale

We have two options for the boat motor covers for sale. They have the same size and quality. You have the ability to choose from blue or gray color. This cover is custom designed for outboard motors. The cover is waterproof material. also giving you the UV protection from the sun. Our customers say we have the best outdoor covers. creating a quality product is our mission at Cali Covers. 

Our heavy duty UV protection outboard cover has a custom fitting high quality look. Our covers are water repellent acrylic coating engine cover marine grade. this cover is so good it will blow your socks off. 

Wont the moisture in the air create mildew under the cover?

Great question as you know mildew is not good if you see this the cover is not quality and needs to be replaced. We have all our products coated and specially designed to resist mildew and moisture. Our covers are designed super strong. your going to be excited when you see the results. This cover is light but not to thin where it sacrifices the dignity of the covers ability to protect your outboard motor.

How to clean motor cover?

Cleaning your outdoor motor cover is simple and easy. Gently spry down the cover with water next take a sponge with dish soap and wipe off material. Then wash down the cover with water. Finally dry off your cover with a towel. After your product should shine bright in the sun. A clean cover is a happy cover.

With the outboard motor covers for sale on this website are not recommended to be painted.

Outboard Motor CoverOutboard Motor Cover

Outboard Motor Cover by Cali Covers.com

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  • Outboard Engine Motor Cover for 15-20 HP Hose Power Waterproof
    Outboard Engine Motor Cover for 15-20 HP Hose Power Waterproof
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