Television Covers Get The Best Fit For Your TV In 2019

Television covers 5 steps to picking a perfect cover

In today's market for Television covers there are more options then you have time to investigate. Between third party sales channels comparable to amazon or eBay or custom web store such as or sometime its very easy to get turned around in all the different options available. I have been in the business of outdoor cover for 10 years and have a lot of experience in the field. My goal in writing this article is to hopefully save you some time and money. In the end that is whats most important to us so let me cut to the chase. I will try to be quick and concise with my points. Here are my 5 steps to picking the perfect television cover for you situation.

Choosing the right TV covers for your wall mount

1. The first step you will want to take to finding the perfect outdoor TV cover for your television will be figuring out what style of wall mounts you will be working with. there are only three styles of wall mounts, swivel wall mount or sometimes refers to as a full articulation wall mounts. I personally prefer to call it full motion wall mount. the second type of wall mounts is the tilting wall mount which only offer a tilting motion. The final style of wall mounts on the market today are flat wall mounts or sometimes called low profile wall mounts. Depending on the type of wall mount you will need to check to see if the TV cover you would like to purchase is compatible with the wall mount you own.

Finding the right location for your outdoor television

2. In the second step you will want to decide where this television will be set up. Will you be setting this TV up outside? Will your TV be under a patio cover or in a garage? These are important question to be asking your self. Depending on the location of the outdoor TVs location can help you see the level of protection your outdoor TV cover will need to provide. This is a critical factor and can be deter mental to the life your your television if the correct cover is not used with the correct application. 

Finding an outdoor TV cover supplier

3. Now that you know you location and the style of mount you will be using now you have gathered enough information to find an outdoor TV cover supplier. Finding the correct manufacturer is important because your TVs life will be at risk if you receive a low quality or even worse a defective cover. Outdoor television covers are designed with many features. some of the feature that TV covers offer are more important then other. For instance if your TV cover dose not come with a remote control pocket this will not be deter mental to you television protection. However if a television cover dose not use a fully weather resistant marine material the cover could leak and destroy your television. Perhaps try calling or reaching out to the company you are thinking about doing business with and ask them a simple question just to see how fast and helpful there response is. This could be a helpful way of determining if this company is worth doing business with.

Measuring your outdoor television for the perfect fit

4. Now in the fourth step you will need to measure your television and get the exact measurements. This is critical to purchasing the correct cover the first try. This way you wont have to waist time on returns and waiting on shipping. When you measure your television for your outdoor television cover you will want to start by measuring from left side of the TV to the right. Do not just measure the screen of the television you want to measure from the edge of the TV to the other edge. Now do the same from the top of the TV to the bottom, and once more from the from to the back. When measuring from the thickness of the television be sure to include the mounting plate for the TVs side because in the measurement because this part will be covered inside of the outdoor TV cover. Now you prepared to choose the correct size outdoor TV cover for you entertainment set up.

Television Covers Get The Best Fit For Your TV In 2019

Checking your outdoor TV covers return options

5. Final step before ordering is to check the return policy. This seems like an easy decision but you would not believe how many times people forget to do this simple task and end up stuck with something they can use or waist money on restocking fees. Some places like amazon have great policy however most of the stuff on amazon are made by under payed Chinese workers that do not care about the quality they are producing or products that are made to be replaced in a year. I personally like to support USA small businesses but what ever is most significant to you is what is most important. Along with return policy you will wan to see what is the shipping rate and the length of time it will talk to receive you outdoor television cover.

If you you follow these five step you will end with a rock solid outdoor TV cover for you television. We at Cali Covers offer heavy duty outdoor television covers. We strive to produce quality product along with informative useful content that will actually help and save time and money for our customers. We like to change the way business is done. By showing that we care about your experience with our products and not just care about getting your money. Cali Covers knows there is a lot of company's out there you could purchase from and we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to let us serve you. Shop Outdoor Television Covers here.

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