3 best Boat blogs by CaliCovers.com

Boating Blogs We Recommend

Are boats something you love? have you just purchased your first boat? are you looking to extend your knowledge on boating. there are a lot of great boating blogs out there on the internet today. we have looked around and we want to show some of our favorites. 

Boating Education starts with learning

Better boat.com:    4 Star

Between Two Yeti’s:    4.2 Stars

Discover Boating: 3.8 Stars

Blogging about Boats and Boat Covers is our way of giving back to the boating community. we tend to talk to a wide variety of people in the boating world. we have the opportunity to get first hand knowledge from customers and boat enthusiasts. learning about trend and new releases of  boating technology is what we strive to do. the boating industry is constantly growing and we pledge Cali Boat Covers will be here to share on any useful information we are introduced to. 

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