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Cali Covers offer the highest quality of outdoor boating covers on the market at an affordable price. Our Brand is well know through out the boating community. We offer many styles and sizes of storage covers for pontoon boat, bass fishing boat, Vhull boats, Tri hull boats, ski boats, Bimini frames, canvas covers, canopy tops. If you looking for other outdoor cover we also offer outdoor television cover, monitor covers and other outdoor patio covers like barbecue covers, chaise lounge chair covers, cantilevered umbrella covers, and patio chair covers for home storage or commercial storage. All of our outdoor covers are semi custom fit waterproof and designed to protect from extreme weather conditions. Cali Boat Covers offers local service for installation and order pick up options. All outdoor covers purchased from Cali Boat Store include free shipping to any U.S. State. 

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Boating Covers By Cali Boat Covers

Whether you want a boat to enjoy a larger than life experience with your friends, family and wife or you already have a boat and need a boating cover for protecting your prized possession from mother natures extreme weather conditions. Either way, Cali Covers is the perfect stop for your Boating needs. Before we describe our products and its benefits, let's talk about boating covers, its advantages and benefits in general. This way you will understand the importance of owning a custom boat cover.

Let’s clear the air about any negative concepts. when it comes to boating covers. Let's burst those myth or urban legends. Before you make a purchase and conduct your research I want to help you in your search for a perfect boat cover. A common misconception most boat owners have is any type of storage cover will work for protecting there boat however this is not true. If you are spending thousands of dollars on a boat, and you think a universal, cheap, and ordinary boat cover will be an adequate amount of protection id have to disagree. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense saving a couple of hundred bucks while risking the health of your boat. The right fitting boat storage cover should fit properly on your boats for its make, model and year. Purchasing a boat cover from an experienced manufacturer like Cali Covers will help ensure you receive the proper boat storage cover for your circumstances. If a boat cover doesn’t fit correctly, water, debris and extreme temperatures will get inside your boat & will cause damage. Your boat covers fabric should be waterproof, UV resistant and protect from mold & mildew. It doesn’t mean cheap covers can’t be good, but don’t choose cheap or unfit covers just to save a few dollars. Boating covers should be tight fitting to make them waterproof and effective as possible. Some air should be allowed to enter through the cover. We make our outdoor covers breathable to regulate the temperature allowing the cover to be resistant from mildew.

Cali Boat Covers Outdoor Cover Reviews

i have an 18 Ft. bay liner i bought a cover from i was very happy with the quality. i purchased to different covers from amazon before and had to return them. I am glad Cali Covers was there to satisfy my boating needs.

Tommy R.

I was very excited when i received my boat cover from Cali Covers. The app was easy to use and the shipping was fast.

Will Lopez

I was not sure what size would fit my boat best given the accessories i have on my boat so i called Cali Cover for help. they were super friendly and had excellent customer service.  now my boat is ready for winter.

Rich Elderson

Protect your boat with high quality custom boat covers. We are having a fall sale where we will be dropping our prices low as we possibly can. We want you to have the opportunity to experience the best deal possible. We will be discounting prices on pontoon boat coversbass boat covers, hull fishing boat coversoutboard motor coverBimini tops, and Television coversski boats covers. These covers are semi custom heavy duty outdoor waterproof boat covers.